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ZOLL Stat-Padz II - 1 Pair for AED Plus

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HVP Multi-Function Electrodes.    Can also be used with  E & M Series Defibrillators

ZOLL stat-padz are the fastest, easiest-to-use multi-function electrodes optimized for emergency resuscitation situations. Unique ZOLL features save life-saving seconds and maximize efficacy:

  • Preconnect saves critical application time.
  • Speed Pack reduces cord tangles and fumbling.
  • Anatomically correct diagrams facilitate proper pad placement.
  • Improved polymer gel enhances lateral conductivity; results in less skin effects.
  • Center energy feed distributes energy uniformly; reduces edge effect.
  • Gel sponge backing promotes better skin coupling.
  • Differentiated round front and rectangular back pads are diagramed to facilitate proper pad placement.

Quantity: 1 pair

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