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When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, only half of victims will need defibrillation, yet all will need CPR. The Zoll AED Plus is the only AED that is useful whether the patient needs defibrillation or not. Not only can the device detect whether you are doing CPR or not, but it can also help you perform it better. AED Plus features Real CPR Help technology that allows the device to detect depth of compressions, as well as CPR quality and provide real-time feedback. Visual and audio prompts also help with rescue attempts by providing responders clear, verbal and visual instructions.

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Once it has been determined that a victim needs defibrillation, the Zoll AED Plus shines. If the fully automated AED Plus detects a shockable heart rhythm, it will deliver the shock automatically without the need to press a second button. What's more, it will give clear verbal and visual cues to the rescuer to stop CPR and refrain from touching the victim. The Zoll CPR-D-padz electrodes also minimize the amount of time a rescuer spends fumbling with pad placement. With a simple-to-place one-piece design, the CPR-D-padz electrodes ensure fast, accurate placement and come with an accessory package that includes scissors.

After it has been installed, the AED Plus has one of the lowest costs of ownership on the market. Powered by lithium batteries that last five years and are available from retail outlets, the AED Plus also uses electrodes that last five years if left unused. Compared side-by-side with other models, the AED Plus is one of the most cost effective AEDs available today. 

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