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Welch Allyn 3.5v Halogen Fiber Optic Transilluminators

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Part Numbers:
41100, 41101, 43300



General fiber-optic examination light for checking pupil reflex. Curved transillumination allows for viewing frontal and maxillary sinuses, to improve patient comfort.


  • Halogen HPX lamp provides light output for true tissue color
  • Fiber-optic light transmission for cool distal light for improved comfort
  • Provides consistent, long-lasting illumination
  • Sterilize with ease using steam, water, gas or solutions
  • Optional cobalt blue filter

41100  Welch Allyn 3.5 V Finoff Transilluminator

41101  Welch Allyn 3.5 V Finoff Transilluminator with Cobalt-Blue Filter

43300  Welch Allyn 3.5 V Curved Transilluminator

1 Year Warranty

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