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Venni VI-1040V 10.4" Multi-Parameter Veterinary Monitor

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Venni VI-1040V 10.4" Multi-Parameter Veterinary Monitor - Printer Included!


VI-1040V Multi-parameter monitor provides essential measurement parameters such as SpO2, NIBP, and CO2, and offer high cost-performance ratio to give care teams throughout more of the information they need.

Total protection from electrosurgical interference. Minimum ECG waveform and HR distortions during electrosurgical cutting and ablation. Ultra short recovery time after defibrillation. Designed with emergency and operating room medical responders in mind.

Dual mode respiration measurement: The new and unique T-RESP mode allows respiration to be measured directly via a nasal tube. Especially helpful in the case when respiration is hard to measure via the common ECG cables for some small animals.


  • The common RESP mode provides derivation of respiratory signals from multi-lead ECGs.
  • 10.4 inch superior resolution color TFT LCD with maximum 8-waveform display.
  • Supports multi-language operating interface: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and etc.
  • User friendly operating interface with feature rich popup menus, dialogue boxes and rotary mouse.
  • Modern ergonomic design. Fully digital monitoring with highly integrated technology.
  • Accurate SpO2 measurement in low perfusion situation.
  • Fast, accurate blood pressure reading reduces the common problems of motion in NIBP measurement.
  • Capable of storing up to 360 hours of data records.
  • Drug concentration calculation, ST-segment detection, pace-maker analysis and arrhythmia analysis.
  • Able to simultaneously display OxyCRG diagram and multi-lead ECG waveforms.
  • Audio and visual comprehensive alarm with configurable settings.
  • Monitor both small and large animals with accessories specifically designed for a variety of patient sizes.
  • Energy efficient design with stand-by mode. Choose power from either the extended life build-in rechargeable battery or wall power for ultimate flexibility.
  • Build-in WAN technology provides the ability to network with central monitoring system for remote monitoring and diagnosis.
  • Optional printing function for data, waveforms, trend tables and trend graphs.
  • Optional CO2 detection function.
  • Purchase Includes:
    • Venni VI-1040V Monitor
    • BP Cuff sized Adult Large
    • C02 Sampling Cannula
    • NIBP Hose
    • One hospital grade power cord
    • One grounding cable
    • One temperature sensor
    • One finger SP02 sensor
    • 3 lead ECG cable
    • 6 self-adhesive electrodes
2 Year Warranty

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