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Universal Clear Choice Adapter Clip (10/set) NEW

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The Universal Clear Choice Adapter Clip is our top selling adapter clip. This multi-use adapter clip, fitting up to a 4mm pin, is not only great for tab electrodes but is perfect snap electrodes as well. Being able to switch between these two electrode types makes application time quick and easy. You can even reapply these adapter clips as many times as you need to, without wasting any time. The connection is noninvasive which can be used in a variety of applications. What makes these so unique is the locking metal clamp that ensures connection and allows for 360° rotation. Since there are no worries of leads detaching, you do not have to worry about this adapter clip from detaching from the electrode or having any false calls. 


This product is used by medical professionals who specialize in Cardiology and various others in the medical field. 

  • Universal Adapter Clips-fits up to a 4mm pin.
  • For use with Tab or Snap type Electrodes.
  • Locking metal clamp ensures connection with the electrode snap and allows 360o of motion- preventing leads from detaching from the electrode and eliminating false calls.
  • Can be used in a variety of applications, with easy connection and disconnection.
  • Noninvasive connection is easy on patients and the caregiver.
  • Application time is quick and no time is wasted on reapplications.

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