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Training Aids

Training new Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel is a process that, in many cases, takes several months or even years to accomplish. Not only are first responders required to know their role in emergency situations, but they must also be well-versed in the equipment they may be called on to use. American 3B Scientific, Defibtech AEDs, Heartsine AEDs, Laerdal, Philips AEDs, Physio-Control AEDs, and Zoll AEDs have created training aids that allow first responders, EMS personnel, and others who need basic medical knowledge to do their jobs better. 

The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was designed with the layperson in mind. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions are posted on every essential user interface. Once the leads are attached properly, the AED instructs the user on when and how to administer the electrical current that will restore a person’s normal heart rate. While it is possible to operate an AED without any specific training, giving those who are at a high risk for using the AED an opportunity to practice in a controlled environment ensures their correct usage in an emergency. Training packs, manikins, battery chargers and remote controls enable novice users to become familiar with the AED and practice its usage.

Cardiac rhythm simulators, vital sign simulators, CPR coaching devices, and choking vests as well as manikins for every training situation offer EMS personnel an opportunity to learn or refresh their skills in classroom situations. Portable and easy to use, these lifelike devices simulate every emergency situation from choking to cardiac arrest. Infant, child and adult sized manikins offer a variety of practice situations that can familiarize personnel with likely scenarios.

All training supplies are rigorously tested and come ready to use. For more information on how Foremost Medical Equipment can outfit your training curriculum, contact one of our representatives.