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Summit LifeDop 250 Series, Multiple Probe Combinations

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LifeDop® 250 Series

Clearly displays baby’s heart rate

These are full-featured handheld dopplers with large displays for indication of heart rate and battery status. Rechargeable batteries and audio recording options are available on specific models. They accept all LifeDop® non-directional probes.

SD2 - 2MHz Probe
The 2 MHz obstetrical probe is optimized for deep penetration and third trimester pregnancy.

SD3 - 3MHz Probe
The 3 MHz obstetrical probe is optimized for early fetal heart detection and designed for use during the entire pregnancy.

SD5 - 5MHz Probe

The 5MHz vascular probe has a medium width beam which aids in detecting deep vessels.

SD8 - 8MHz Probe

The 8MHz vascular probe is the best general-purpose vascular probe. The sensitive, narrow beam allows for easy detection of surface vessel location.

SDE - EchoHeart 5MHz Transvaginal Probe

The first transvaginal fetal Doppler probe in the world. 

  • Determine fetal heartbeats without scheduling an additional imaging exam

  • Early detection, including for obese or retroverted uterus patients

  • Perfect for high-risk pregnancies when multiple exams are required


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