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Summit LifeDop 150 Series, Obstetrical

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LifeDop® 150 Series

Portable non-display Dopplers and Probes

These handheld non-display dopplers have superior sound quality and accept the full line of non-directional LifeDop® probes. Rechargeable batteries and audio recording options are available on specific models.

LifeDop® Non-Directional Obstetrical Probes

Interchangeable for use with all LifeDop series

All LifeDop® obstetrical probes are specifically designed to provide excellent sensitivity and maximum durability. All non-directional probes are completely interchangeable for use on the L150, L250, and L350 series of dopplers, offering the convenience of choosing one or all for use on the same unit. Most models have user- replaceable cables.

2 MHz OB Probe

The wide-angle beam is optimized for deep penetration needed in late term pregnancy and larger patients.

3 MHz OB Probe

The best general-purpose obstetrical probe for fetal heart from earliest stages through delivery. The wide-angle beam of the probe saves time “hunting” for the heartbeat.

5 MHz Transvaginal OB Probe

The 5 MHz Transvaginal fetal Doppler probe is used for early fetal heartbeat detection. It is ideal for women who are obese or have a retroverted uterus.

2 MHz Waterproof OB Probe

Waterproof design is optimal for water-assisted labor and delivery applications.


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