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Summit Doppler Vista AVS and Vista ABI Advanced Vascular Systems

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The easy-to-use Vista ABI performs single-level ABI, seated ABI and optional TBI

The Vista ABI system conducts single-level ABI exams and seated ABI exams using the bi-directional Doppler probe or PVR.  An optional PPG probe measures toe pressures for the TBI. 


  • PVR and bi-directional Doppler modalities

  • Graphic waveform display with an easy-to-follow test sequence

  • Four cuffs with automated inflation/deflation

  • Optional PPG package

  • Optional reporting software package

The advanced Vista AVS® conducts single-level ABI, seated ABI, TBI and segmental studies

The Vista AVS® is a robust, highly versatile system ideal for conducting, interpreting and documenting ABI, TBI and segmental studies with three modalities.  An 8 MHz bi-directional Doppler probe can be used to obtain systolic pressure and ankle waveforms required for reimbursement*. Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) quickly capture ankle waveforms.  A third modality, photoplethysmography (PPG) probe measure pressures for Toe Brachial Index (TBI) and segmental exams.  


  • Segmental studies to help locate blockage or narrowing following single-level ABI exam

  • Bi-directional Doppler, PVR and PPG modalities

  • Automatic ABI, TBI and segmental calculation

  • Performs seated ABI exams for mobility impaired patients**

  • Obtains dual-ankle pressures, Posterior Tibial (PT) and Dorsalis Pedis (DP) arteries

  • Software for reporting, annotating, storage, printing and interfacing with EMR

  • Nine cuffs with automatic inflation/deflation to speed up and customize segmental studies

  • Optional 5 MHz bi-directional probe provides deeper penetration on larger patients

The Vista AVS® accommodates both standard and custom protocols.  Easy-to-follow test sequences and handheld controller make navigating this system quick and simple.

Vista AVS® Advanced Features:

  • Doppler  - The bi-directional Doppler probe, long considered the gold standard for ABI exams, is used to obtain systolic pressures and waveforms.

  • PVR  - PVRs can be used to obtain peripheral arterial waveforms with blood pressure cuffs.

  • PPG  - The PPG probe detects small changes in blood volume.  Using a toe cuff, the PPG probe measures toe pressures in patients with noncompressible arteries.  The PPG probe can be used to measure toe and brachial pressures for TBI exams.  PPG probes may also be used to obtain toe pressures for segmental studies.

  • Reporting Software -  The Vista AVS includes PC software for full-page reporting, exam data storage and integration with leading EMR studies.


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