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Stryker Evacuation Chair

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Emergencies often arise unexpectedly. In that moment, preparedness is key. The Stryker Evacuation Chair offers the power to evacuate disabled or injured persons weighing up to 500 pounds, from multilevel facilities in emergency situations. Stryker’s patented Stair-TREAD system assists in an easy descent down stairs by a single operator, with passengers weighing up to 200 pounds. Our extendable head and foot end lift handle design supports proper ergonomic lifting technique, while improving line of vision to feet and steps when lifting the chair on stairs or over obstacles.

Key features:

  • Ideal for multilevel office, retail, medical, long term care facilities
  • One part number offers a complete solution – chair, cover, wall mount
  • Folds to compact size for convenient storage
  • Help comply with fire safety requirements and emergency response guidelines
15 Years

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