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Originally invented by English surgeon John Hutchinson in the 1840’s, the spirometer was used to evaluate the amount of inhaled air and exhaled air in the lungs. The original device was as tall as a grown adult, could only be calibrated by plunging a calibrated bucket under water, and measured the “vital capacity” of a patient’s lungs. While the original design had obvious limitations, it allowed Hutchinson to make the connection between lung capacity and premature death and gained a wider use in tuberculosis institutions. 

Today, Bionet, Midmark/Ritter, NDD, SDI Diagnostics, Schiller, and Welch Allyn manufacture state-of-the-art, desktop and handheld spirometers that give accurate, digital readouts. Some are even equipped with onboard printers to provide hard copy readouts. Measurements of a patient’s inhalation, exhalation and respiration rate appear in a fraction of a second enabling practitioners to diagnose a variety of lung ailments including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other lung conditions.

From spirometers and filters to single-use mouthpieces and nose clips to batteries and printer paper, all Foremost Medical Equipment has been subjected to rigorous testing and quality assurance protocols. You can be assured that your spirometer will arrive patient ready, safety tested and calibrated for immediate use.