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Foremost Medical Equipment is staffed with in-house biomedical technicians trained in the art of repairing and preserving your medical equipment. From simple AED maintenance to full refurbishment of Defibrillators, Foremost has the ability to support all of your medical equipment needs. Call today and ask about annual maintenance programs for ventilators, infusion pumps, defibrillators, and more.




Repair & Refurbishment Services

When repairing and refurbishing medical equipment, Foremost replaces all wear items with OEM parts.  All devices are tested and calibrated to new OEM standards ensuring both product and patient safety is never in question.  We promise 100% satisfaction with all repair and refurbishment services.







Technical Support

Our highly trained service team with over 25 years combined biomedical experience is ready to answer your questions - please email or call us today at 1-866-463-3522.







Annual Maintenance

Manufacturers recommend having your equipment calibrated on an annual basis to ensure optimal performance and safety. Preventative maintenance can reduce total cost of ownership by avoiding expensive replacements of damaged parts and lowers the risk of critical equipment failure. Our highly experienced biomedical technicians test and repair your devices to manufacturer’s standards and return them with a bio-certification sticker displaying your compliance to industry standards.



Emergency Repairs - Low Priced Service Parts