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SDI Diagnostics IQGuard System

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Part Numbers:
29-3202-025, 3202-100, 3202-300, 3202K-025, 3202K-100

The SmartSense mouthpiece for Midmark spirometers plus the IQGuard Bacterial/Viral filter

Keep your patient/clinician spirometry environment safe from exhaled bacterial or viral pathogens by using the SmartSense mouthpiece* with the IQGuard Filter.

• Highly effective barrier (99.996%) to cross-contamination
• Transparent for 100% visual inspection
• Small, not intimidating for adults as well as pediatric patients
• Recyclable
• Relatively low cost for disease prevention
• Supplied with 3 SmartSense mouthpieces per box of 25 IQGuard filters

When performing spirometry testing, the use of a hollow mouthpiece affords no protection from from any pathogens present in the aerosolized forced exhalation of your patient. Your work space environment is therefore compromised. Using the IQGuard System ensures that any airborne bacteria or viruses will be contained. Practice safe spirometry!



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