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SDI Diagnostics Filtrette System Kits

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SDI's Filtrette System is the new, LOW COST alternative to the ndd® Spirette. This two-piece system provides virtually perfect infection protection for spirometry testing.

The Filtrette System incorporates a highly efficient single-patient filter that virtually eliminates cross-contamination from patient to patient and from patient to healthcare professional.

The FloTube section fits perfectly in ndd spirometers, and can be used more than 50 times before it needs to be replaced, making it both economical and convenient.

The one-time-use AstraGuard filter attaches securely to provide a bacterial/viral filter with nearly complete infection protection.

Using the Filtrette System will not affect spirometer warranty.

Filtrette System Features

  • Lower cost Adapts to fit all ndd instruments
  • Provides 99.9% bacterial and viral efficiency*
  • Reduces risk of cross-contamination for patients and health care professionals
  • Decreases time spent disinfecting equipment
  • Offers low resistance to air flowFeatures small, non-threatening size
  • Has a comfortable oval mouthpiece
  • Exceeds all ATS ERS standards for spirometry

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