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SDI Diagnostics AstraTouch Spirometer

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Comprehensive Touchscreen Spirometry
The AstraTouch Desktop Spirometer provides easy navigation when performing comprehensive
spirometry testing. Its multifunctional capabilities provide a means of making a diagnostic decision from
the screen data, from its resident printer or off-line report writers. PC links via USB or optional Bluetooth
make easy work of storing data archivally, transferring tests to EMR or performing real- time direct testing.

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  • On board thermal printer
  • Full color touch screen
  • Icon driven navigation
  • Incentive graph choices available at test menu
  • Bluetooth to PC for realtime testing or EMR
  • AstraPro software included
  • Direct USB to PC & external compatible printer for 8 1/2 x 11" plain paper printout
  • MIP/MEP option available as a standard feature
  • Over 40 parameters to choose from
  • Over 14 predicted authors to choose from
  • Meets NIOSH standards (necessary for social security disability & occupational health testing)
  • Bronchoprovocation module
  • On board pulse oximetry
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Optional battery pack available


3 Year Warranty

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