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SDI Diagnostics AstraPulse Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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The AstraPulse FT oximeter features the latest technology for measuring oxygen saturation and heart rate. It uses state-of-the-art power-sparing Organic LED displays. The advanced fingertip tunnel design eliminates the problems encountered with measurements of patients with thin or wide fingers and a three year warranty attests to the durability and reliability of the FT series. When shopping for fingertip pulse oximeters, compare the SDI fingertip models with any others on the market. Feature-for-feature, AstraPulse oximeters stand out in a class all their own.

 ** The AstraPulse FTC has been discontinued **


The new AstraPulse FTP and AstraPulse B Pulse oximeters offer easy and accurate measuring of patient SpO2 and heart rate. Both oximeters give you the same crisp, bright Organic LED display and articulated hinge that SDI oximeters are known for.

The AstraPulse FTP is designed with pediatric patients in mind. With a shorter finger positioning tunnel, the optics are positioned for optimal use in measuring tissue saturation in your youngest of patients. The silicone body cover protects against scratching in the busiest of clinics.

The AstraPulse B offers a wealth of features not commonly found in an economy pulse oximeter. Its accuracy is equal to fingertip pulse oximeters costing much more, while still maintaining many of the features that have made AstraPulse oximeters so well known. Its articulated hinge will accommodate fingertips in a wide range of sizes and a proprietary algorithm greatly reduces motion artifact.


3 Year Warranty

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