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Schiller Tranquility II 12.1" TouchScreen Multiparameter Patient Monitor

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The Schiller Tranquility II 12.1" Touchscreen Color TFT Display Multi-parameter Patient Monitor is Quality Hospital Grade Equipment at Economical Pricing Made in the USA. Great for the Operating Room, Procedure Areas, Recovery and Mobile Monitoring.


Standard Specifications:

  • ECG, NIBP, SpO2, 2 x Temp, Respiration, Arrhythmia, ST,
  • OXYCrg, Drug Calculation Field Upgradable CO2 and IBP

Standard Features:

  • 12.1” color TFT display with touch screen.
  • Multi-lead ECG monitoring
  • Touch screen user interface
  • NIBP list & OxyCRG dynamic view display
  • Drug dose calculations
  • Large font display with 4, 6 & 8 waveforms shown
  • Networkable with Central Monitoring System via a wireless or wired network
  • S-T Segment & 72 hours trend data analysis
  • Compact design is convenient for mobile monitoring
  • Multi-lingual settings
  • Optional:
    Dual IBP, EtCO2 and Built-in thermal recorder
  • Application:
    Neonatal, pediatric and adult patients
  • Power:
    External AC power or internal battery
    AC Power: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, <150VA
    Battery: Rechargeable Lead-Acid
    Operating time under the normal condition: 1 hour
    Operating time after the first alarm of low battery: 10 minutes

Standard Accessories Included in Price:

  • ECG Cable (5 Lead)
  • BP Cuff (Adult)
  • BP Cuff Hose
  • Digital Adult Oximetry Sensor with 2.5 M cord
  • Skin Surface Temperature Probe
  • Power Cord (110 or 220)
  • Operators Manual CD
2 Year Warranty

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