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Schiller Cardiovit AT-104 "TOUCH" PC Cardiopulmonary Stress Diagnostic System

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CARDIOVIT AT-104 PC Ergo-Spirometry System Metabolic cart with 12-channel electrocardiograph menu-controlled suitable for practical applications unparalleled ease of operation. The modular concept provides sufficient possibilities for upgrades or subsequent expansion. The system records the data not only breath-by-breath, but also by intra-breath. The AT-104 Ergo-Spiro allows testing all groups of persons, from children to adults and from patients to athletes. Extensive software, including Ergo-Check program, indirect calorimetry and spirometry is part of the standard package.  Special measurements are possible.   Standard unit including:  Power Cube Gas Analyzer 2.210093 - with built-in Micro Fuel Cell Option.  With maintenance free O2 cell which has a quick rise time (<100 ms). It is completely insensitive against shock and measures highly accurate. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyzer with ambient module incl. PC software LF8.  Does not include Ergometer or Treadmill.  Sold Separately.

Software Included:
- SCHILLER resting ECG software with 12 simultaneous leads
- SCHILLER ECG measurement software M
- SCHILLER exercise ECG software EXEC X2
- SCHILLER exercise ECG software EXEC plus
- Rhythm recording in resting mode
- QT Dispersion
- Worklist
- PDF export software
- Enhanced pacemaker detection
- SDS-104 data management for:
     o Archiving
     o Serial comparisons
     o Documentation on laser printer
     o Networking
     o SDS-104 id compatible with  Windows 7pro Embedded




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