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As much as it pains people to stand on a scale, obtaining an accurate weight is an important part of obtaining a medical history. Detecto and Health-O-Meter have made the process easier than ever with a wide variety of scales, designed for different clinical applications. In fact, both manufacturers have fixed two major problems with obtaining an accurate weight measurement – mobility of the patient and accuracy for smaller needs. 

Most common to hospitals and clinics, floor scales can be divided into two broad categories – mechanical scales and digital scales. While digital scales offer additional features such as body mass index calculation or body fat estimates, mechanical scales give weight measurements at an affordable price point. However, these scales fall short of the needs of patients who are obese, immobile, wheelchair bound or simply unsteady on their feet.

Flip seat chair scales are engineered for the obese or unsteady and feature sturdy handrails or padded grips on the armrests. Complete with auto-zero functions, body mass index (BMI) calculators and auto-off functions to conserve energy, flip seat chair scales offer patients and practitioners a comfortable, accurate way to obtain weight measurements without compromising safety or comfort.

Wheelchair scales are particularly useful for patient populations who are wheelchair bound. Equipped with alphanumerical pads make entering known weights of empty chairs easy. Internal calculators can then measure the patient’s weight without requiring them to stand or move to a separate seated scale. Additionally, some wheelchair scales are WiFi or Ethernet-enabled allowing for direct connectivity to a hospital’s software systems.

In-bed stretcher scales offer accurate weight measurements while keeping patients comfortable. Durable steel construction coupled with wheels for portability mean stretcher scales can easily be wheeled bedside but safely weight patients up to 400 pounds.

On the smaller end of the spectrum, pediatric scales, diaper scales, and portion control scales offer simple, accurate measurements for smaller patients and items. Pediatric scales are sturdy, easy-to-clean and offer accurate measurements down to a fraction of a pound. Many digital diaper and portion control scales are capable of switching displayed measurements from pounds and ounces to grams and kilograms.

Regardless of the clinical need, every scale is patient-ready and inspected according to exacting industry standards. For more information on the scale that is right for you, contact Foremost Medical Equipment representatives.