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Salter Labs Oral/Nasal Divided Cannula, Pediatric 7" O2 line, 6' ETCO2 line - Options: Each or Case of 25

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SalterSTAT Orange Oral/Nasal O2 Delivery CO2 Sampling

For Monitors Requiring Reflective Connectors

Options: Each or Case of 25


 PEDIATRIC. O2/ETCO2 Filtered Oral/Nasal Divided Cannula, 7' O2 line, 6' ETCO2 line -- 

 O2 Length = 7' (2.1m)and CO2 Length = 6' (1.8m)


Salters Divided Capnography Cannulas provide true EtCO2 sampling and proven O2 delivery without limitations at higher O2 rates.

The divided design separates gases and Salter Eyes maintain sampling even during a cannula occlusion.

Available in a multitude of configurations for Luer style monitors.

Salter sets the standard in capnography.

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