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Riester ri-scope L Series Otoscope

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ri-scope® L Otoscopes, Green efficiency - advanced lighting and optics

At Riester, we have made further improvements to our otoscopes: The newest generation ri-scope®L otoscopes with optical glass and reduced reflection combines excellent optical properties and unparalleled performance with the reliability and effi ciency of LED/lithium-ion technology.

ri-scope® L – premium hand-held otoscopes with advanced optics, reduced reflection and LED technology to enable a more efficient diagnosis with lower maintenance costs. Available with fibre optics or direct illumination and a wide range of power supply options.

ri-scope® L3

The unparalleled F.O. version with 2.5-V halogen, XL 3,5 xenon or 3.5-V LED illumination, Specula ejection device and operation magnifying lens

  • Fiberoptics for optimal beaming and transmission of the light
  • Bi-directional swivelling optical glass with 3-fold magnifi cation
  • Operation lens with 4-fold magnifi cation and glass mini optic ease the insertion of instruments
  • Easy-to-operate SpecEjec specula ejection device
  • Fitting for ri-scope® specula and enlarged conduit for instruments
  • Suitable for pneumatic tests (supplied without ball)
  • Available with optional C or AA handles (runs on commercial alkaline or Li batteries or Li-ion batteries)


2 Year Warranty

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