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Riester e-scope Fiber Optic Otoscopes

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e-scope® Otoscopes,   Bright Light, Green Technology

  • Sealing precision optics pivotable to both sides with triple magnification for optimum view
  • Sturdy ear speculum receptacle in hardwearing hygienic metal for e-scope®/ri-scope® L1/L2 speculum
  • Compatible with ear speculae from other renowned manufacturers
  • Suitable for performance of pneumatic tests (supplied without connector and insufflator
  • Available in a choice of black or white finish

e-scope® otoscope with fibre optics (F.O.) 

  • Economically priced fibre optic version with 2.5 V xenon (3200 K) or innovative 3.7 V LED illumination (5500 K)
  • Fibre optics for optimum focusing and guiding of the light

Kelvin data for otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes

  • LED: 5500 K
  • Xenon: 3200 K
  • Halogen: 3000 K
  • Vacuum: 2500 K


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