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Allied Healthcare ResusciTIMER Interactive CPR and Rescue Breathing Monitor L770-CPR

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Perfect Ventilation Technique
With the innovative ResusciTIMER, experienced EMS professionals can confirm proper manual ventilation technique. EMTs in training can improve their skills. In fact, anyone can learn with just minutes of basic instruction. This easy- to-use device provides real-time monitoring and feedback of breaths per minute, inspiratory time and airway pressure to guide in resuscitation timing and technique.
With two modes of operation "¦ CPR and Rescue Breathing, and two patient modes "¦ adult and child, it monitors the pressure and flow from the BVM and provides visual and audible cues to guide CPR or rescue breathing to meet AHA guidelines. It can be attached to virtually any disposable or reusable bag valve mask.
The ResusciTIMER is an affordable reusable CPR/rescue breathing monitor that quickly attaches to any disposable or reusable BVM. Digital display indicates breathes per minute, airway pressure and respiratory time. Pacing lights and alarm indicates when ventilation is being delivered outside of the standard guidelines.

ResusciTIMER Interactive CPR and Rescuse Breathing Monitor

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