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In Sylvia Plath’s classic, “The Bell Jar,” she said, “I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am, I am, I am.” Since breathing is a basic physiological function, compromised respiration is a significant medical emergency. One of the ”ABC” basics taught on the first day of CPR training, establishing or maintaining an airway is vital to the treatment process.


Disposable airway filters, adapters, oxygen masks, and cannulas have revolutionized patient care in the last fifty years. Gone are the days of endless sterilization of instruments and risk of infection with the advent of single-use, latex-free, one-size-fits-all components. Ideal for police, ambulance, military, firefighters, or other first responders, disposable products are lightweight, individually sealed, and ready for use.


Commonly used in patients with sleep apnea, the CPAP’s clinical implications are far wider. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and is often used for premature babies and other patients to maintain positive pressure inside the lungs, in between breaths. Single-use masks are available in a variety of sizes.

Flow Meters

Manufactured by Mada Medical, flow meters often feature regulators designed to maintain steady oxygen flow to the patient. From wall-mounted flow meters to portable models designed for use with oxygen cylinders, each meter is carefully calibrated to exacting industry standards. Personal best peak flow meters are also available for specialized use in diagnostic and respiratory therapy applications.


The idea that liquid medicine can be turned into a vapor and introduced directly to the lungs revolutionized the treatment of respiratory disorders. Whether it is a plastic, hand nebulizer or a compressor-driven model with a mask or mouthpiece, nebulizers enable doctors and nurses to administer medications in office without admitting patients to hospitals for care. A variety of sizes and styles of disposable, single-use masks and tubing combinations are available.

Oxygen Kits & Cylinders

Portable and easy to use, oxygen kits are designed for emergency medical situations and ambulatory care. From easy to carry oxygen kits to mobile cylinders on wheels, crash carts are more streamlined and affordable than ever. Designed to take up the minimal floor or shelf space, Ferno, Mada Medical, O Two, and Smiths Medical kits and cylinders are compact, easy to transport, and most importantly, easy to use.


When a patient is crashing, there is no time to mess with malfunctioning resuscitator equipment. While many masks, bags, and tubes are designed for single-patient use, other bags and resuscitators are reusable. Portable, self-contained resuscitators ideal for first responders as well as Allied Healthcare’s CPR and Rescue Breathing Monitor designed for use by the layperson are available.


While many flow meters also feature regulators, many do not. Regulators designed by Airon, Allied Healthcare, Ferno, Mada Medical, and OTwo are designed not only for use by a medical professional but for use by a patient who may have oxygen needs that extend beyond a clinical setting. Easy to read dials, ergonomic control valves, and multiple-tank regulation options are available.

Respiratory Accessories

Respiratory Accessories, bags, cases, carts, and stands round out the respiratory equipment needs of hospitals, clinics, ambulances, and other medical settings.

Featuring Airon, Allied Healthcare, DeVilbiss, Ferno, Laerdal, Mada Medical, Nonin, O Two, Salter Labs, and Smiths Medical products, every piece of respiratory equipment at Foremost Equipment is patient-ready, calibrated, and safety checked to exacting standards.