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ZOLL Real CPR Help Travel Trainer

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The Real CPR Help Travel Trainer combines a simulated torso, CPR-D-padz, and simulator in an easy-to-use, compact package ideal for demonstrating or practicing CPR with Real CPR Help.

Everything needed to operate the Real CPR Help Travel Trainer is included in this one-piece accessory. The simulator "åÓ which is securely embedded in the thick vinyl of the Travel Trainer "åÓ is manufactured by Symbio, the leading provider of cardiac heart rhythm simulators. Simply connect the Real CPR Help Travel Trainer to a ZOLL clinical AED Plus or AED Pro
(sold separately) to experience ZOLL's Real CPR Help with real-time feedback for each chest compression.

Real CPR Help Travel Trainer includes:

  • One-piece zippered carry-case
  • Simulated CPR-D padz and embedded heart
    rhythm simulator
  • 9-volt battery
  • 6-minute in-service
  • Video (English only)

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