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Purell Gel Hand Sanitizer 12.6 FL Oz Dawn Bottle - 12/Case

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With demand for PURELL® products at an unprecedented level, we’ve partnered with other purpose-driven companies to provide PURELL hand sanitizer, soap, and surface disinfectants to as many people as possible. So while the bottle may be different, the commitment to protecting public health is the same as ever.

PURELL®Gel Hand Sanitizer 12.6 Fl Oz Dawn Bottle

Refreshing Gel

  • Kills 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness
  • Outperforms other hand sanitizers ounce-for-ounce
  • Clinically-proven to maintain skin health
  • America’s #1 Instant Hand Sanitizer
  • 12 per case

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