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Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 AED 12 Lead, Pacing, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, Bluetooth Refurbished

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The Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 AED 12 Lead, Pacing, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, Bluetooth Refurbished monitor and defibrillator is a modern unit with all the best features to ensure you can function properly out in the field no matter the situation. While the LIFEPAK 15 packs a ton of new features, you'll find that its interface and form factor is like the LIFEPAK 12, which is perfect for teams who are transitioning from one device to another.
One of the best perks of the LIFEPAK 15 is that it's powered by lithium-ion batteries for better use in the field. Not only do you not need to charge it, but it lasts longer than previous units. It also includes the superb SunVue display. Aside from improving visibility, the major benefit of the SunVue display is that you can see the screen even in bright sunlight. You can use it at any time of the day. Another great benefit is the Bluetooth data connectivity. It's a safe and effective to store and transmit patient data.
The LIFEPAK 15 comes with 12 lead, pacing, AED, NIBP, SpO2 and EtCO2 monitoring. There's also an included carrying case and shoulder strap, making it easy to transport the device.
If your team uses the LIFEPAK 12 but want something a little more modern, then this is perfect. Not only is it similar in many ways, but this can help you save money. Training staff to work a new defibrillator is tough and expensive. One mistake can lead to costly problems down the road. Plus, it takes time to ensure they are ready to go into the field. If your staff is already used to the previous unit, it's easier to pick up the LIFEPAK 15.
As you can expect from all your LIFEPAK products, this one is durable and ready for even the roughest conditions in the field. It can take a few bumps if needed and still work like new. LIFEPAK has built their reputation on creating rugged devices that provide superior medical care. The LIFEPAK 15 is no exception.
Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 AED 12 Lead, Pacing, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, Bluetooth Refurbished features:
- Like the LIFEPAK 12 in terms of interface and size, making it easier for training
- Offers superior Bluetooth data connectivity for wireless retrieval and transmission of data
- The SunVue display makes it easy to see even in the brightest sunlight
- Uses lithium-ion batteries for great battery life and wireless use
- As durable as all other LIFEPAK units, making it rugged and tough
If you're looking for a durable, feature-rich, and intuitive field defibrillator, then the Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 is for you. Not only does it have numerous features, but the interface was made with simplicity in mind. It's also easier for training than with other defibrillators. For an all-around superior unit that continues to amaze with its performance, you'll find that the LIFEPAK 15 hits all the right spots and is one of the best field units available.


Units include appropriate patient accessories by configuration and are patient ready.

Purchase Includes:

  • Physio Control Lifepak 15 w/ 12 Lead, AED, Pacing, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, Bluetooth
  • 12 Lead Cable
  • Quik Combo Cable
  • Sp02 Finger Sensor
  • NIBP Cuff/Hose
  • ECG Electrodes (5/pkg)
  • 2 New Batteries
  • 100 mm paper
  • Adult Defibrillation Electrodes
  • Carry Case w/ Shoulder Strap
  • 1 Year Warranty


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