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Philips HeartStart

Philips has been marrying technology with patient, provider and caregiver experience since the company was founded in 1891. Today, Philips AED solutions bring together clinical expertise with engineering innovation to bring AEDs to the general public.

Each Philips AED is equipped with Life Guidance technology that acts as the rescuer’s personal coach. At every step of the cardiac emergency, step-by-step, adaptive instructions from data gathered by intelligent sensors keep the rescue attempts safe and on track. The right therapies are administered at the right time giving even the most novice of user confidence to save a life.

The HeartStart FR3 is Philips’ professional grade AED designed for the professional first responder. By reducing deployment steps, the HeartStart FR3 is ready for use sooner than its competitors. Small and lightweight, this AED is compatible with peel-and-place pads that are recommended for use in both children and adults. QuickShock technology further reduces hands-off time while shocks are administered. Built for harsh environments, the HeartStart FR3 meets military standards for shock absorption, dust, wind, and water while passing a 1,100-pound crush test.

HeartStart OnSite is designed for use by the ordinary bystander. Easy to use, the OnSite comes equipped with voice prompts as well as light-up sensors to guide the lay person through a rescue. Intelligent sensors detect which step the rescuer is on in the process and can be adjusted to meet the rescuer’s experience level. With pre-installed pads and battery, the OnSite effectively reduces the amount of time between CPR and defibrillation.

Whether on the scene with law enforcement or in the gym with student athletes, the HeartStart FRx is built for rugged environments. Lightweight and reliable, the FRx pads are compatible with most EMS equipment improving the handoff times once first responders have arrived. The HeartStart FRx also features an Infant/Child key that ensures one set of pads are appropriate for both children and adults. If inserted, the Infant/Child key will also automatically adjust voice prompts and CPR commands to those recommended for younger victims.