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Philips HeartStart AED Trainer 3

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Designed to help prepare emergency responders to use the HeartStart FR3 and other AEDs. Together with appropriate manikins and other training tools, the AED Trainer 3 is intended to help provide realistic training on delivering correct treatment, including shock delivery and CPR, to a cardiac arrest victim.

The AED Trainer 3 provides 8 training scenarios that simulate realistic episodes of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and help responders become familiar with use of the HeartStart FR3 AED.

Like the HeartStart FR3 AED, the AED Trainer 3 can be prepared with its training pads pre-connected and out of their packaging ready for fast deployment. Includes Training Pads III and a reuseable interconnect cable. Theres no need to change the pads for children. The AED Trainer 3 comes with a Training Infant/Child Key to replicate the infant/child mode of the FR3 AED. The AED Trainer 3 guides you through each step of the training scenario with the same voice prompts as the FR3 AED. Like the FR3 AED, the AED Trainer 3 configuration can be customized and its operation easily updated.

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