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Patient Monitors

Monitoring a patient’s vital signs was once a task relegated to nurse’s assistants who would travel from bed to bed in a hospital, manually taking patient's blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate. Around and around they would go, from one patient to the next, leaving doctors and nurses blind in the interim. Fortunately, technology has finally allowed manufacturers like Venni, Welch Allyn, Bionet, Edan, Schiller, and MDPRO to create patient monitoring devices and accessories that allow clinicians to have continuous access not only to patient's pulse, blood pressure, and heart rate but to their blood oxygen saturation and sinus rhythm as well. 

Base model patient monitoring systems are specially designed for bedside monitoring and ambulatory care. Ideal for busy hospital settings where patient transport is likely, these Welch Allyn systems lack many of the features of other models but make up for it in portability. Wireless connectivity allows clinicians to see a patient’s vitals through Acuity Central Station while three modes allow for maximum flexibility in use.

Available in button and touchscreen models, with or without handles, other patient monitors from Bionet, Edan Instruments, MDPRO, Schiller, and Venni allow for continuous monitoring with user-friendly interfaces. Some are equipped with onboard thermal printers allowing for hard copies of patient data to be produced. Others feature built-in 12 lead ECG capability with full-color, easy-to-read displays. With new and refurbished models available, each patient monitor is tested, calibrated and guaranteed. 

A variety of accessories, battery packs, cables, carrying cases, and carts are available to make patient monitoring easier than ever. Disposables such as nasal cannulas, CO2 samplers, and thermal printer paper are also available making Foremost Equipment your one-stop shop for all of your patient monitoring needs.