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Nellcor OxiMax N-600 Pulse Oximeter Refurbished

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You can expect outstanding monitoring performance from the OxiMax® N-600 pulse oximeter. The OxiMax N-600 pulse oximeter delivers accurate, reliable readings and works with the complete family of OxiMax sensors, so you can more effectively monitor a wider range of patients. The full-featured OxiMax N-600 pulse oximeter also includes unique SatSeconds alarm management technology, which offers a safe, practical way to reduce nuisance alarms.

Pulse Oximetry Problem-Solver

When weak or erratic pulse signals interfere with pulse oximetry readings, frustrated clinicians may try switching to another monitor or replacing the sensor, wasting time and money. The OxiMax N-600 pulse oximeter offers a better solution. It incorporates the latest Nellcor digital signal processing technology to deliver accurate, reliable SpO2 and pulse rate measurements even when low perfusion and signal interference are present.*

In addition, when used with OxiMax adhesive sensors (featuring Nellcor's LoSat expanded accuracy range down to 60% SpO2), the OxiMax N-600 pulse oximeter allows improved patient assessment at the more challenging lower saturation levels common in infants with congenital heart disease (CHD). There is no need to order and stock separate sensors or upgrade software/hardware to attain this clinical benefit.

OxiMax Sensor-Monitor Communication

The OxiMax pulse oximetry system creates a communication link between the sensor and monitor that empowers the N-600 pulse oximeter to display valuable information to caregivers. The Sensor Messages function provides troubleshooting tips for optimal sensor application, and Sensor Event Report allows alarm event history stored in the OxiMax sensor to travel with the patient for quick assessment at various points of care.

The OxiMax N-600 pulse oximeter has the same signal processing technology as the OxiMax N-600x pulse oximeter.


  • Simple, intuitive operation and easy-to-see display with dimmer and contrast adjustment.
  • Compatible with the complete family of OxiMax Pulse Oximetry Sensors.
  • Three display options: plethysmographic waveform, large numerics and customizable real-time trend.
  • On-screen quick guide provides instant help to assist caregivers with monitor operation.
  • Convenient selection of adult or neonate alarm limits, and user-configurable power-on settings.
  • User-selectable fast-averaging mode (2-3 seconds) to more precisely track rapidly changing saturations.
  • On-screen viewing of 24-48 hours of SpO2 and pulse rate trends taken at 2-4 second intervals; printing capability.
  • Variable pitch beep tone enables clinicians to hear changes in SpO2.
  • Backup speaker with escalating alarm tones.
  • Interfaces with certain multi-parameter monitors; real-time patient information and true physiologic waveforms are displayed on host system.
  • Works with the Oxinet® III remote respiratory monitoring system to provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective monitoring solution for the general care floor.
  • 7-hour battery life with battery gauge for convenient portability

Purchase includes the 600 unit, the power cord, and sensor.


90 Day Warranty

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  • 5
    Excellent Experience

    Posted by Kim W on 19th Apr 2018

    The machine arrived promptly and was what we were promised. Everything worked upon plugging it in and we are pleased with the purchase. The rep. from the company even called prior to shipment to make sure we were getting what we needed.

  • 5
    Top quality device.

    Posted by Don on 12th Dec 2016

    Top quality device. Trust-worthy, just as a new device would be, this refurbished unit securely monitored my wife's health and alerted me to issues reliably and accurately. Nothing negative to say about customer service reps or this fine product ! Thanks !