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Nellcor Dura-Y Multisite Sensor

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The Nellcor® Dura-Y® multisite oxygen sensor, model D-YS, is indicated for use when continuous noninvasive arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate monitoring are required for patients weighing greater than 1 kg.

The Dura-Y sensor is applied to the sensor site using Nellcor adhesive wraps, models ADH-A/N(adult/neonatal) and ADH-P/I (pediatric/infant), or Nellcor disposable foam wraps, models FOAM-A/N and FOAM-P/I. Nellcor adhesive and disposable foam wraps are intended for single patient use only.

Reusable sensors may be used on the same site for a maximum of 4 hours, provided the site is inspected routinely to ensure skin integrity, correct positioning, and adhesion of the sensor wrap. Because individual skin condition affects the ability of the skin to tolerate sensor placement, it may be necessary to change the sensor site more frequently with some patients.

Use outside of human negates manufacturer's warranty.

1 Year Warranty

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