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NDD EasyOne Pro Rolling Cart

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Portable 5 wheel rolling cart. Includes: Swivel tilt and mounting plate, easy grip handle, tray for disposables, printer clamp, E cylinder tank holder and 4 outlet power strip.

EasyOne Pro Respiratory Analysis System

State of the art technology lung function analyzer. EasyOne Pro is the first lung function instrument to allow Single Breath DLCO measurement outside of the lung function laboratory.

  • Highly portable, self contained, instant point of care/bedside use, no warm up time.
  • No add-on components required, optional monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. connectivity available.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Three units with simple connection: patient interface, main unit, DLCO gas cylinder.
  • Robust, automatic calibration.
  • Color touch screen interface, wide view angle, hygienic.
  • Industrial standard embedded PC, Windows XP embedded operating system, supports standard printer, network, security and peripheral device functions.

Maintenance and serviceability of EasyOne Pro

The components are totally interchangeable and replaceable:

  • Consumable (single patient use) are only 2 items: barrietteTM and the spiretteTM.
  • Patient interface components: 2-in-1ù tube needs no maintenance, cleaning is possible, a yearly exchange is recommended.
  • The main unit can be serviced by exchanging the unit with minimal set up due to ndd FLASH memory card containing all relevant data: customer specific set up and configuration data, patient data made with the original unit.
  • The whole patient interface unit can be replaced without any need for calibration or adjustments.
  • DLCO gas (He 10 %, CO 0.3 %) can be locally provided in bottles of different sizes allowing for specific needs.


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