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NDD Barriette Filters for EasyOne Pro & Pro LAB Series

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The virtual filter approved for optimum hygienic separation of spirette / patient from the analyzer. The new consumable designed by ndd. (Box of 50.)

The EasyOne Pro Respiratory Analysis System:

State of the art technology lung function analyzer. EasyOne Pro is the first lung function instrument to allow Single Breath DLCO measurement outside of the lung function laboratory.


  • Highly portable, self contained, instant point of care/bedside use, no warm up time.
  • No add-on components required, optional monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. connectivity available.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Three units with simple connection: patient interface, main unit, DLCO gas cylinder.
  • Robust, automatic calibration.
  • Color touch screen interface, wide view angle, hygienic.
  • Industrial standard embedded PC, Windows XP embedded operating system, supports standard printer, network, security and peripheral device functions.

Maintenance and serviceability of EasyOne Pro: Components are totally interchangeable and replaceable.

  • Consumable (single patient use) are only 2 items: barrietteTM and the spiretteTM.
  • Patient interface components: 2-in-1ù tube needs no maintenance, cleaning is possible, a yearly exchange is recommended.
  • The main unit can be serviced by exchanging the unit with minimal set up due to ndd FLASH memory card containing all relevant data: customer specific set up and configuration data, patient data made with the original unit.
  • The whole patient interface unit can be replaced without any need for calibration or adjustments.
  • DLCO gas (He 10 %, CO 0.3 %) can be locally provided in bottles of different sizes allowing for specific needs.


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