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Fieldtex Multi-Victim Duress Kit

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The Multi Victim Duress Kit is made up of 6 pouches stored in a backpack that can be taken to treat patients that are not centrally located. Each pouch can provide basic medical treatment. Each of the pouches contains all of the necessary bandages dressings and gauze you need to stop and contain the bleed. The kit also contains survival blankets and elastic bandages to respond to whatever situation a first responder finds themselves in. There are two additional empty pockets on the backpack that can be filled with additional supplies.

Supply Assortment:

(12) Dyna stopper trauma dressing
(12) Triangular bandages
(60) Gauze pads 4”x 4”
(24) Stretch gauze 4” x 4 yds.
(12) Rescue blankets
(6) Paramedic scissors
(24) Nitrile gloves powder free lg.

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