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Mobilize Rescue Systems, MOBILE

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Mobilize Rescue Systems, MOBILE

Backpack Carry Case with Integrated Mobilize Rescue App and Complete set of Rescue Supplies.


Technology: The Mobilize Rescue app provides "just-in-time" training to help untrained bystanders save lives.

Case Features: Comfortable shoulder straps, and a military grade nylon casing protect the life-saving supplies and make transportation convenient. 

Equipment: Modern supplies to manage severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, seizures, choking, and more. 

Equipment & App Integration: Color-coded and numbered supplies match the app's instructions perfectly. 


**Water-resistant hard case version available as Comprehensive Rescue System


Contents: Integrated tablet with Mobilize Rescue App, Trauma Supplies, Medical Supplies, OSHA Compliant First Aid Supplies.

Dimensions: (LxWxD) 18" x 14" x 7"

Weight: 10-lbs.

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