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MiniMed III 2863 Infusion Pump

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The Carefusion (Alaris) Medsystem III, (also known as the Minimed III,) is pole-mounted with three independently-programmed channels. The unit includes adjustable pressure limits, in a small, lightweight (about 5 pounds) unit that includes a rotating pole clamp that can attach at almost any angle. Six different operating modes are programmed into the pump, having preset parameters that accommodate specific clinical applications.

  • Three Independent Fluid Delivery Systems -All in one device weighing just over five pounds.
  • Small Instrument, Huge Benefits -Ideal for surgery, oncology, and is an excellent transport instrument.
  • Six Selectable Device Types -Specifically tailors parameters to match the clinical needs of the patient.
  • Unique Clamping System -Allows pump attachment virtually anywhere.
  • Disposable Half-Set -Makes patient turnover easier.Adapts to most manufacturers'tubing.

Uses dedicated Carefusion 28 series administration sets. Includes AC adapter.

90 Day Warranty

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