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Midmark IQcart Diagnostic Equipment Cart with Arm

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Are you storing your Midmark IQdevices in a box or having to carry them from one exam room to another? The Midmark IQcart is designed to efficiently store and transport your Midmark IQdevices. The ergonomic Midmark IQcart has been designed to maximize use of the Midmark IQecg and IQspiro.

  • Oversized, industrial casters to minimize bounce over thresholds
  • Weight balanced to keep from overturning
  • 60 degree handle in front and back improves user interaction with the cart
  • Open, four-caster design allows for mobility without interference with the base
  • Oversized laptop table with cooling holes fits Midmark IQdevices and a laptop
  • Included locking disks provide security for your laptop, IQflex or IQclassic
  • Standard IQecg arm and IQspiro holster promotes proper storage and handling of IQdevices
  • Storage basket (and add-on baskets) provide storage for Midmark IQdisposables

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