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Medical Furniture

Limitations to the quality of care a patient receives are a constant in clinical settings. A knowledgeable physician may be limited by the time he can spend with a particular patient. Exceptional nurses may be limited by their protocols. Patient and clinician comfort may be limited by the medical furniture they are required to use. While changing protocols is an involved process and we cannot create more time, we can give patients and clinicians alike the level of comfort necessary to streamline the medical process and make interactions more comfortable. 

From blood drawing chairs with built-in side tables and retractable arms to medical chairs designed for comfort, mobility, and ease of clean up, there is a chair for every clinical environment. A variety of Brewer and Clinton Industries recovery couches and pediatric office furniture round out the options available to clinicians everywhere that make patient care more comfortable.

However comfortable a patient and clinician may be, having necessary tools in an easy-to-access cabinet or cart is essential to quality care. Door and drawer configurations present endless possibilities for every space. From mobile cabinets on easy-to-move casters to permanent cabinets with sink options, treatment spaces can now be organized according to usage, not space.

Every Brewer and Clinton Industries pieces of medical furniture are designed for durability, tested for longevity and delivered to you using a variety of shipping options. From standard delivery to freight, your shipping, delivery and set up needs are taken into consideration when ordering from Foremost Medical Equipment. Our representatives can help you decide on the best configuration for your needs and create a shipping package that will have your medical furniture in your office without unnecessary shipping delays or setup costs. For more information, contact our customer service department for your customized quote.