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Masimo MAC-1 Adapter Cable

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Adapter Cable, LNOP Sensor to Nellcor device, Patient Cable, or LNCS Series Patient Cables, 12 inches.

  • Enables hospital-wide conversion to Masimo LNOP sensors
  • Compatible with full line of LNOP sensors1
  • Allows replacement of Nellcor Oximaxå¨ and Oxisensorå¨ sensors with Masimo LNOP sensors, except when used with N595 2
  • Attaches to end of existing patient cable or direct to instrument
  • Compatible with all Nellcorå¨ oximeters3 except N595
  • Minimizes change and need for training Reusable
  • Allows use of LNOP sensors with a Masimo LNC patient cable
6 Month Warranty

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