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LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillators

Your team needs more than a defibrillator. You need a device that works just as hard as you do. 

And that's exactly what the Lifepak 15 defibrillator offers. 

The Lifepak 15 Defibrillator

The Lifepak 15 defibrillator is a monitor and defibrillator system providing the latest standard in clinical care for hospitals, EMTs, and healthcare professionals. 

Created by Physio-Control, the pioneer in portable defibrillation technology for the last 50 years, Lifepak is a machine dedicated to changing the way your team provides emergency care. 

Because when you use Lifepak, you're not just responding to a work call. You're saving lives. 


All Lifepak 15 monitor/defibrillator kits include: 

  • Lifepak 15 with manual and AED defibrillation
  • 8.4" color LED display
  • ADAPTIV biphasic waveform and external pacing option
  • CPR metronome
  • Three-lead ECG monitoring
  • Two QUIK-COMBO Edge Electrodes and therapy cable
  • 100mm printer
  • Two rolls of printer paper
  • Test load
  • Operating instructions and in-service DVD

Check each individual model for its own unique features. 

Life-Saving Technology

The Lifepak 15 stands out because it's more than just a defibrillator. It's a tool that helps healthcare professionals save lives. 

It does this by going above and beyond the call of duty, with the latest clinical capabilities to allow you to rise to any challenge. 

For example, Lifepak's Masimo® Rainbow® technology makes it the first monitor/defibrillator to offer non-invasive monitoring for SpO2, carbon monoxide, and methemoglobin to detect chemical exposures. When combined with a 12-lead ECG, you can monitor all 12 leads in the background. 

Better still, it allows you to monitor multiple parameters while allowing you to defibrillate and pace, making it easier for your team to manage technology and critical situations at the same time. 

Rugged Exterior

Some machines can only achieve this level of attention-to-detail with fussiness. Not so with the Lifepak defibrillator. 

Physio-Control knows that your team has to deal with situations in the real world. Those situations may not always be the ideal sheltered, sterilized hospital setting. And when your team needs to make it work outside a hospital room, you need a machine that can keep pace. 

Lifepak was designed for teams like you. It will keep working without issue even if it's dropped — it easily passed the 30-inch drop test, roughly equivalent to being dropped during a handoff or off a hospital bed. 

The Lifepak exterior features: 

  • A double-layer LCD built to sustain impact and still give results
  • Bigger, ergonomic shock-absorbing handles for smoother handoffs in critical scenarios
  • Redesigned cable connectors for sturdiness and performance
  • Larger SPEED DIAL for easy selection when you need to work fast
  • An easy-to-clean keyboard

Plus, the machine has an IP44 rating that guarantees it won't give up even in wet, dirty environments, including heavy rain or wind. It also has a large screen that's easy to view from any angle and offers SunVue mode to help you see what you're doing even if the screen has a glare. 

Available Versions

We offer four versions of the Lifepak 15 defibrillator/monitor system. 

Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 AED 12 Lead, Pacing, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, Bluetooth Refurbished

The Physio-Control Lifepak 15 AED 12 Lead is a modern defibrillator/monitor unit that ensures your team can perform in the field no matter what. 

For one thing, it's charged using lithium-ion batteries, which means that you don't need to worry about charging it when you need to respond to an emergency. 

This unit includes: 

  • 12 lead ECG
  • AED defibrillation
  • NIBP, SpO2, and EtCO2 monitoring
  • SpO2 finger sensors
  • Five ECG electrodes
  • Superior Bluetooth connectivity for wireless data transmission
  • SunVue display

It's also similar, design-wise, to the Lifepak 12, which means your team can update your technology without worrying about extensive retraining and costly errors. 

Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 Refurbished — 3 Lead, AED, Pacing, SpO2

The Physio-Control Lifepak 15 Refurbished offers your team a new standard of clinical care, operational innovation, and, of course, toughness. 

Your purchase includes: 

  • Lifepak 15 with AED defibrillation and pacing
  • 3-lead ECG
  • SpO2 monitoring and finger sensors
  • QUIK COMBO cable
  • 2 lithium-ion batteries
  • Adult defibrillation electrodes
  • 100mm paper
  • Carrying case with shoulder strap
  • 1-year warranty

It's the same Lifepak product your team has always loved, updated and refined for your biggest emergencies. 

Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 w/ SpO2, EtCO2 & 12-Lead ECG

This version of the Physio-Control Lifepak 15 offers a new standard of care to hardworking ALS teams like you who want to revamp their operational innovation and clinical standards of care. 

The 15 integrates Masimo® Rainbow® technology for noninvasive monitoring of methemoglobin, SpO2, and carbon monoxide. A few other features include: 

  • Manual and AED external defibrillation
  • ADAPTIV biphasic technology
  • 8.4" color LCD screen
  • CPR metronome
  • Demand and non-demand noninvasive monitoring
  • Spo2 and EtCO2 monitoring
  • 12-lead ECG

It offers a comparable user interface and form factor to the Lifepak 12, which means that your team can quickly adapt to the machine and use it to adapt to emergency situations without issue. Not only does this ease transition costs, but it also helps your team respond more efficiently with new technology. 

Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 w/ Trending, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2 & Carbon Monoxide

This version of the Physio-Control Lifepak 15 offers many of the combined best features of the Lifepak 12 and new iterations of the Lifepak 15 to give your team the best monitor/defibrillator for the job. 

It's an entirely new platform that still offers the functionality your team relies on from the Lifepak 12. It's powered by lithium-ion batteries so you know it will always perform and includes SunVue display so you can see what you're doing even in bright light. 

And, of course, it offers enhanced data connectivity so that other medical staff can see what's happening with the patient through secure data collection and delivery. 

A few features of this model include: 

  • Manual and AED defibrillation
  • ADAPTIV biphasic technology
  • CPR metronome
  • Masimo® Rainbow® technology for noninvasive monitoring of SpO2, carbon monoxide, methemoglobin, NIBP, and EtCO2
  • Trending
  • 3-lead ECG monitoring
  • 8.4" color LCD display screen
  • 100mm printer

And it all comes together in a system that your team can easily adapt to, avoiding expensive retraining and costly medical care errors. 

The New Standard

Simply put, the Lifepak 15 sets a whole new standard for what your team can accomplish when you respond to an emergency. Here's how Lifepak sets itself apart from the competition. 

Clinical Innovation

Lifepak stands out in one of the most important ways for medical teams: clinical innovation. 

Take, for example, the Lifepak 15's ADAPTIV biphasic technology, the widest ranging and most potent escalating energy available. It allows you to escalate shocks to 360J for best results. 

One study on fixed lower versus escalating higher energy levels for defibrillation found that patients in ventricular fibrillation benefit from higher biphasic energy levels if multiple shocks are administered. In this sense, Lifepak 15 gives you the tools to prepare for even the most difficult-to-defibrillate patients. 

Lifepak not only allows you to monitor multiple parameters, but it also gives you the capacity to monitor and detect conditions that are otherwise difficult to diagnose — again, through noninvasive Masimo® Rainbow® technology. 

Lifepak 15 also offers advanced support for STEMI patients by combining it with a pre-medication 12-lead ECG. With the ST-Segment Trending feature, you can monitor all 12 leads simultaneously.

And because STEMI diagnosis and ECGs can change so quickly, the Lifepak 15 takes ECGs at frequent intervals and immediately alerts you to any changes in the patient's ST measurement. 

Plus, it allows you to share these measurements and changes from pre-hospital to hospital to activate care teams and help them prepare while the patient is en route. 

Operational Effectiveness

It's not just about clinical innovation, though. Clinical innovation wouldn't help if the Lifepak 15 couldn't perform in real situations. And that's why it also focuses on operational effectiveness. 

Let's say, for example, you're used to relying on a specific power source for your defibrillator. What happens if that power source isn't available? You need the Lifepak 15. 

It offers flexible power options. You can use AC or DC external worldwide power, or you can go wireless with the lithium-ion battery for up to six hours of power. Better still, you can charge the batteries in the machine itself and you don't need to worry about maintenance or conditioning. 

Then, there's your data management and connectivity. 

As you treat patients, the Lifepak 15 collects patient data for you, with 16 times the memory and four times more storage space for critical data than its predecessor.

So you can record everything you need, including trending reports and event markers to capture the information you need for complete patient records, quality assurance, and even clinical research. 

You can use code summaries to print information, or you can have code summaries sent directly to a quality improvement team with CODE-STAT data review software. It's also equipped with built-in Bluetooth so that you can send patient data straight to hospital teams who need it to prepare. 


More than that, the Lifepak 15 offers a whole new standard in toughness. Whether it's kicked, dropped, soaked, or just plain dirty in a messy transport process, the Lifepak 15 doesn't stop doing its job. 

It doesn't matter how much abuse it takes — it can take it and still offer you a high quality of support. 

Emergency response teams need a defibrillator that's as tough as the situations they face. That's why the Lifepak is built to last. The monitor can handle a beating from doorknobs, cots, the floor, or most other surfaces thanks to a double-layer screen.

Plus, it has a shock-absorbing handle, so you're at less risk of dropping it (even if it can more than handle the impact). 

And if something somehow goes wrong, Lifepak has your back. Each unit comes with a self-checking feature that will alert a nearby service team immediately if the device needs attention so that maintenance can get your defibrillator ready to go for the next emergency. 


If you're an EMT, your team is on the move to get your patient to the hospital as soon as possible. You need a defibrillator that can handle fast situations with grace — even if you're less than graceful in the handoff. 

The Lifepak 15 was designed with your team in mind. It's the only device rated to withstand a 30-inch drop, whether you fumble it in transit, drop it in the elevator or hallway, or just place it on the bed at the wrong angle. 

It has reinforced and redesigned cables that lock tight when a drop happens so that you can rest assured you won't have a second interruption in monitoring, no matter how much abuse you give it. 


Finally, the Lifepak 15 is designed with a legacy of trust. 

Since 1955, Physio-Control has provided top-of-the-line medical devices to professionals just like you who spend every day working hard for patients. Their devices have gone to the top of Mount Everest and even been launched into orbit as the first automated external defibrillator on the International Space Station

But more than that, they design devices for everyday rescue teams like you, devices that respond to the real needs of EMS organizations and hospital emergency teams. 

The Lifepak 15 in Action

Your team needs a defibrillator that can keep up with even your toughest demands. You need it to perform under pressure as well as you do, if not better. 

That's where the Lifepak 15 defibrillator comes in. 

It's designed for teams just like you — teams that don't have time to stand still and wait for the perfect conditions. You need to help your patients, right here, right now, and the Lifepak 15 is ready to meet you there. 

Check out individual product descriptions to find the model that's perfect for your team.