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LEVLpro Breath Ketone Meter

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The LEVL device non-invasively calculates, monitors and tracks fat metabolism with a simple breath allowing you to tailor wellness plans with real-time metabolic data. It provides unique insights to confirm the efficacy of your clients’ fitness and nutrition plans and reduces time spent on wellness programs that are not working for the individual. The LEVL device complements and adds to client interaction by providing accountability and insights that give you the feedback necessary to adjust nutrition and exercise routines for optimal fat loss. This device seamlessly syncs to the optional iOS or Android app via Bluetooth for additional insights.

BREATHE A simple breath into the LEVL breath pod gives you a 24 hour snapshot of how your wellness choices are affecting your fat metabolism.

MEASURE • Drop the breath pod into the device to start the analysis and results are displayed on the front of the device in 15 seconds. The LEVL app displays personalized metabolic data including projected fat pounds burned per day.

The LEVL device measures low levels of ketones as the body shifts into an elevated fat burning state making it a useful tool for any diet.


Purchase includes:

  • LEVL device
  • 2 breath pods
  • 125 disposable mouthpieces
  • 2 30-day sensors (one in the device and one additional)
  • 1 set of calibration canisters (6-month supply)
  • 1 Allen wrench
  • 1 power cord

Monthly subscription Includes: 

  • One 30-day sensor*
  • Bi-annual delivery of a 6-month supply of calibration gas*
  • 100 disposable mouthpieces

*These supplies are required for use of the device and clinical accuracy.

** LEVLcare and LEVLhome subscription options also available.

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