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Trusted, Reliable and Affordable!


Get the equipment you need now, pay later!



Overcome Budget Restraints

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Leasing allows for the acquisition of needed equipment today while allowing you to keep your funds available and more easily budgeted.


Preserve Liquidity and Cash Flow

Leasing helps you keep your existing cash while maintaining and expanding your business credit profile. We can finance 100% of the equipment cost with affordable monthly payments on your terms and without a down payment or security deposit.


Tax Advantages

When the potential tax benefits of leasing are coupled with the conservation of working capital, leasing can be cheaper than paying cash for equipment (Section 179 of IRS Code)


Maximize Buying Power

Your payment will not change for the duration of the lease. This means that regardless of inflation or increased prices, what you pay today will be the same 3, 4 and 5 years down the road.




  • Foremost offers leasing options on both New & Recertified equipment!
  • Defer your lease payments for up to three (3) months!
  • Custom lease programs for municipalities, school districts, universities, police and fire departments!
  • Approval process averages 2-3 hours and we use E-docs so there’s no printing, faxing or scanning. It’s quick and easy!

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