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Lab Equipment

Old Hollywood portrayed laboratories as places where beakers and burners abounded, where mad scientists concocted various liquids to induce super strength or bring mayhem to the city. For true scientists, the lab is a place where technology and ingenuity collide to create an environment where innovation can flourish. However, the genius of the scientist cannot be fully realized unless they are given the proper tools with which to innovate. 


Take, for instance, the basic tube rocker. Once upon a time, students and interns were charged with the tedious task of shaking test tubes a certain number of times to mix the contents inside. While movies may have portrayed this as an opportune time for mayhem and shenanigans, it proved impractical in the lab simply because of its inaccuracy. Today's tube rockers can shake test tubes with precision offering accurate results every time.


Then there are microscopes. Movies would have you think that the unknowingly attractive intern would touch hands with the handsome doctor over a slide beneath a microscope only to have them abandon their purpose and run away together. In reality, microscopes provide scientists with detailed images that can help diagnose illnesses, monitor changes in chemistry or even determine the makeup of a cell.

Imagine the medical advances that would have been missed without a simple microscope or the diseases that would not have been detected without a tube rocker. Think about the results that could never have been replicated without mixers and analyzers. Movies may attempt to use science as a way of advancing a story, but the story of scientific innovation is plenty exciting enough.


Germaine Laboratories, LW Scientific, Orasure Technologies, Sekisui Diagnostics, Unico, Wallach, and Welch Allyn, industry leaders in lab equipment, have produced centrifuges, incubators, microscopes, loupes, mixers, analyzers and laboratory accessories designed with the researcher in mind.