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IV Therapy

For the millions of people every year who receive IV therapy, the infusion pump and syringe pump are two pieces of medical equipment that are vital to that process. Both are used to deliver fluids to the body intravenously, in a controlled manner. Both can be programmed to administer medication or fluids at a particular rate, at a certain time. Both may be controlled mechanically or electronically. Both come tested, calibrated and guaranteed offering results from the first use out of the box. 

Smiths Medical syringe pumps are capable of holding fluid in the reservoir of a syringe and mechanically administering it to the body using the controlled movement of a piston. Intuitively designed with a diversity of use in mind, Smiths Medical has designed syringe pumps that are meant to be taken from one department to another. With more than 16 different care area settings, a limitless drug library and dosage limits, this industry leader has created syringe pumps that are as versatile as they are easy to use.

Alaris and Baxter infusion pumps are designed to be portable, or pole mounted and come with independently programmed channels, adjustable pressure limits, and different operating modes. Designed to be used in a variety of clinical settings, these lightweight infusion pumps can be tailored to meet every clinical application. Capable of adapting to most manufacturers’ tubing, these infusion pumps can travel anywhere using Alaris, Allied Healthcare, DeVibiss, Impact, or Laerdal carrying cases.

Brewer, Impact, and NCE battery packs, stands and impact cases round out both sets of infusion pumps, offering hospitals and clinics increased levels of versatility in IV therapy. Whether the patient is receiving antibiotics, insulin, chemotherapy, or pain relievers, infusion pumps, syringe pumps and their accessories are vital parts of the treatment landscape in hospitals and clinics and should adapt to the needs of the patient, not the other way around.