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Ferno POWERFlexx ICS Kit - Deep Plate with 175 and Charger

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ICS Integrated Charging System - Deep Plate w/ 175 and Charger

The ICS - Integrated Charging System for the Ferno POWERFlexx+ keeps your battery charging while the cot is in the fastener, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around extra batteries or taking them out to charge. The ICS is integrated into your cot fastener. As soon as your POWERFlexx+ locks into place, power to the cot is turned off and the battery begins charging. Remove the POWERFlexx+ from the fastener, and you’re powered. It’s that simple.



  • Integrated Charging System charges the battery while it's in the fastener 24 Volt power system is designed for easy installation and connection into most ambulance electrical systems.
  • Tough,automotive grade contacts provide consistent current and stand up to the rigors of daily cot removal
  • Combined with the POWERFlexx Sealed Lead-Acid Battery, there's no worry about over-charging or memory issues.
  • Charging contacts are shielded and only supply current with the cot in the fastener.
  • Power to the cot is shut off during charging
  • preventing accidental raising of the cot while it's in the fastener


  • No more uncharged batteries when you need them most.
  • No more remiding staff to charge the cot.
  • Easy in ambulance charging.
  • No heavy, extra batteries to tote around.

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