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Ferno 5600 Series POWER Flexx+ Powered Cot w/ Universal Side Arm, Rescue Red

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The POWERFlexx+ Powered Ambulance Cot delivers 700lb unassisted lift capacity. The cot lifts the weight, not the operator, reducing situations where operators may injure their back. The POWERFlexx+ Powered Ambulance Cot also features advanced power management features and in-the-fastener charging to keep you powered on every call, without having to carry around extra batteries or take them out to charge.


  • 700 lb. Lifting Capacity --- raises the patient weight without lift assistance.
  • All-Metal Frame Construction --- provides strength, long service life, and exceptional performance with heavy patients.
  • Five-Position Drop Frame --- and multi-position foot-end lift bar reduce the cot length by 15" for movement in confined spaces, and provide true 360 degree turning radius in the lowest position.
  • Eliminate Battery Management --- with the optional Integrated Charging System (ICS).
  • Wide Thumb Controls --- provide effective gripping and control from a variety of positions with or without gloves.
  • Reflective Labeling --- provides nighttime visibility for added safety (includes optional personalized graphics).
  • 24 Volt DC Power Pack --- with hydraulic actuator and dual lifting cylinders provides smooth and reliable lifting.

Purchase Includes:

      • 1 "Rescue Red" color 5600 Series POWERFlexx+ Powered Cot
      • Mattress for cot
      • Restraints
      • Fixed Operator Frame
      • Rotate Down Side Arms

Specifications and Options:

    • 700 lbs. Unassisted Lift Capacity
    • 5 Position Head End Load Frame
    • 2 Color Choices: Rescue Red or Electric Blue
    • Elongated Rectangular X-Frame
    • Non-Telescoping Tubing
    • Reflective Labeling
    • 360 Turn Radius
    • Ergonomic Control Panel at Operator End
    • ICS (Integrated Charging System) Available
    • User Intuitive Color Controls
    • On/Off Switch on Operator Panel
    • Power Pack Located Under Backrest
    • 24V Lead Acid Battery System
    • Auto Shutoff During Charging
    • Battery Charger Indicator
    • Clear Anodized Upper Mainframe
    • No Pinch Points Along Mainframe
    • Manual Override Mode Handle with Secondary Lock
    • One Hand Sidearm Release
    • Swing Out Sidearms Lock at 90å¡
    • X-Frame Runs on 4 Shafts Using Linear Bearings
    • Dual Piston Actuator
    • Extra-Wide Backrest Panel
    • Mattress Retained by Locking Clips
    • 79" Patient Surface / Mattress
    • Completely Enclosed Hydraulic System
    • Single Hand Activated
    • Dual Side Operation of Backrest
    • Safety Bail release Handle on the Side
    • One Hand Release Infinite Positioning Gas Assist Backrest
    • LBS and LBS Jr. Compatible
    • Fixed Leg with Dual Rail for Stability
    • Fastener: 175 or Stat Trac Compatible


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