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EMS & First Aid Supplies

Imagine sitting in the back of an ambulance, not as a patient but as an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professional. Picture yourself arriving on the scene of an emergency with a faulty stretcher, limited trauma gear, and no disposable equipment. Suddenly, you are not only required to make split second decisions that are matters of life and death, but you are having to do it without the proper tools. 

Fortunately, Foremost Medical Equipment carries industry leading brand EMS and First Aid supplies such as Emerg-A-Center, Physio-Control, Defibtech, Ferno, Laerdal, and Allied Healthcare. From chest compression systems to ambulance cots, EMS collars to evacuation systems, Foremost Medical Equipment has a wide variety of equipment for every rig.

It is no secret that sterilization in the field is limited, which is why having a variety of disposable equipment is necessary for first aid and EMS situations. EMS collars to stabilize a patient for transport, splints and first aid supplies are necessary for most emergency situations. Shuttling back and forth between an ambulance, helicopter, or police car is not practical for patient care. Foremost carries a variety of trauma bags and trauma gear from tuck-away backpack harnessed bags to professional IV mini bags, and this gear is designed with the EMS professional in mind, giving you access to the things you need, when you need them.