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At the first sign of chest pain, tightness, or discomfort the first thought that often enters a person’s mind is “heart attack.” EKG or ECG provides physicians with valuable insight into the electrical activity and health of a patient’s heart, effectively confirming or ruling out a cardiac event. This seemingly modern concept has its roots in technology invented in the early 20th century. Dr. Willem Einthoven, a Dutch physiologist, was the first to record an electrocardiogram, a process that would later win him the Nobel prize. 

Electrocardiograms are known by two terms - EKG and ECG. While some may question the difference between the two, the reality is they stand for the same thing. ECG is the abbreviation for electrocardiograms while EKG is the abbreviation for the German term, Elektrokardiographie. While these devices are most commonly found in hospitals and clinics across the country, personal devices are coming to the market allowing lay people access to their personal health information outside of the four walls of a medical setting.

All electrocardiograms operate the same way. Since the heart operates by electrical impulse, modern EKC and ECG measure these impulses, pairs the information with algorithms, and translates the data into measurable information. This information can then be used to create treatment plans for a variety of ailments, ultimately resulting in better patient health. Foremost Equipment is proud to offer Advantage Medical, Ambu, Bio-Protech, Biocare, Bionet, Burdick, Edan Instruments, GE Medical, Medi-Trace, Midmark/Ritter, Mortara, Nikomed, Norav, Phillips AED, Schiller, Smiths Medical, and Venni ECGs, accessories, batteries, cables and leads, carts, cuffs, electrodes and paper. Regardless of the environment, no matter the space requirements, Foremost Equipment carries an electrocardiogram that fits your practice needs. Calibrated, charged, and guaranteed, these ECG/EKGs and their accessories are ready to use from day one, out of the box.