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Diagnostic Imaging

Today’s medical community often takes for granted the ability to look inside the human body without breaking the surface of the skin. The days of exploratory surgery are nearly gone with physicians able to thoroughly examine every tumor, fracture, tear, and abnormality well in advance of any treatment. From cancer detection to evaluating fetal anatomy, soft tissue injury or blood flow, diagnostic imaging equipment provides doctors, nurses, and practitioners alike the ability to effectively evaluate a patient using non-invasive techniques.


Colposcopes are specialized microscopes, fitted with lights that are used to examine the cervix for early warning signs of cancer. Industry leaders Bovie and Wallach produce colposcopes that offer high-definition viewing with LED lights that allow practitioners to more clearly visualize the field, thus providing exceptional patient care.

Imaging Cameras

Bovie imaging cameras, monitors and screen grabber software provide physicians with crystal clear pictures in a large viewing area along with the ability to freeze and print individual images for further examination and documentation. USB compatible, many of these imaging cameras can be attached to existing devices providing medical personnel additional versatility with existing tools. 

Ultrasound Systems

While commonly associated with examining fetal anatomy, ultrasound technology is an ever-expanding area of diagnostic imaging. Today’s ultrasound systems are used for everything from visualizing soft tissue damage to a particular area to analyzing blood flow after an organ transplant to tracing cardiac output through the arteries and veins of the body. Industry leader Edan ultrasound systems are designed with today’s ultrasound needs in mind. User-friendly interfaces couple seamlessly with clear images, video recording capabilities and still image printing to offer physicians and patients alike unparalleled imaging technology.

Ultrasound Accessories

From transducers to specialized probes, gel to carts, battery packs to footswitches, GE, Natus and Philips manufacture a variety of ultrasound accessories that are ideal for every practice. Whether you use ultrasound to visualize tumors or take a look at a developing fetus, these accessories are essential to your use of every ultrasound system.